Rural road safety


Issues on rural roads include driving too fast, drink driving, poor overtaking, potholes, horses, lost motorists, impatience, floods, shortage of police, young lads showing off, delivery drivers, tractor drivers not pulling over, buses and poorly maintained vehicles.

Hidden dangers are a problem at night. Inattention, driving too fast, ice and other drivers’ mistakes all caused accidents. The NFYFC Campaign ‘Drive it Home’ is considered excellent and necessary.

We can improve safety by making driving tests more challenging including speed awareness and rural driving, Brake Charity and PassPlus Cymru courses, becoming a ‘Drive it Home’ Champion, restricting speeds, shock tactic campaigns, educating cyclists and horse riders, refresher driving checks and skid pan practice.

Rural isolation means there are few alternatives to cars – leads to drink driving. Technology like anti-lock brakes, quality tyres and LED and flashing road lights have made vehicles safer.

Improving perceptions about hazards of rural roads is difficult.

Ad campaigns are expensive and may be ineffective, flowers at the roadside are eloquent, tackle drink drivers, in-car sensors linked to cheaper insurance, raise age for driving large machinery to 21 and regular maintenance of vehicles would all help.

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