The #AgrichatWorld Guide

What is #AgrichatWorld?


A global farming discussion held on Twitter to mark World Food Day 2013 through a collaboration of the world’s Twitter farming groups. Farmers, food producers and anyone else interested, will come together at the same moment across the world to share experiences and thoughts.

Issues discussed will include challenges and opportunities for agriculture in different countries, the changing face of the food system, how farmers can work together, and will generally ask food producers for their experiences in their country. We will also be collecting photos of farming and creating a Pinterest Board.

When is it happening?

Wed 16th October and Thursday 17th October, but it depends on your time zone! The discussion will take place at the same moment in time, so that everyone can discuss things together. In the UK it will run 8-9.30pm. Check what time it will happen in your time zone –

How does the discussion work?

The whole chat happens on Twitter around a ‘hashtag’- #AgrichatWorld. Including a hashtag in a tweet adds it to a live feed of other tweets containing that exact same hashtag, so that everyone using it can see each other’s tweets.

The UK’s main farming Twitter group @AgrichatUK will be facilitating the discussion by releasing a new question every 15 minutes.  Participants will then discuss issues raised by the question, but it’s all very fluid, so people can keep discussing one question while others have moved onto the next, or even ask each other questions.

How do I get involved?

Sign in to your Twitter account just before the discussion starts, and use Twitter’s search bar to search ‘#AgrichatWorld’. Then click ‘all’ so you can see all the tweets with that hashtag. There will already be quite a lot of tweets, but you’ll know the discussion has started when @AgrichatUK welcomes everyone.

To join in with the chat, type your tweet, include the question number you’re tweet is relating to, and always remember to include the hashtag #AgrichatWorld, so everyone can see it.

If you haven’t got a Twitter account, you can easily and quickly create one for free at

Who can take part?

Everyone is welcome, farmer or not, from east, west, north, south! Some of the questions will be more directed at farmers though.

Bad language, abusive or offensive behaviour won’t be tolerated though- and you’ll just make yourself look silly on a global stage!

Who is behind #AgrichatWorld?

A collaboration of European farming Twitter groups @AgrichatUK (UK) @AgrichatNL (Netherlands) and @EUFoodChat (EU) came up with the idea and are leading it with the fantastic help of other farming twitter groups- @Agchat (US) @AgchatOZ (Australia), @AgchatNZ (New Zealand), and AgchatIRL (Ireland). The UK group will facilitate the discussion and the US group will be in charge of the Pinterest Board.

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