EnviroChatUK by Oliver Dowding.

AgriChatUK has proved an amazingly successful Twitter forum. Every week, it attracts dynamic and inspiring people to debate key issues affecting both themselves and the wider agricultural industry.

Nothing is static, and therefore to create diversity and maintain widespread interest, hopefully attracting a new segment of followers, every third Thursday in the month #AgriChatUK will now be #EnviroChatUK. This will allow debate on key issues which crossover between agriculture and the environment. It will also seek to cover the sustainability of food production and consumption. None of these topics are separate, all being integrated within the food chain.

@EnviroChatUK nights will be hosted by existing @AgriChatUK host Charles @FarmInKent and new host Oliver @OliverDowding

The EnviroChatUK debates are for everybody within the food chain. They will be conducted in the same considerate manner that AgriChatUK has evolved. We want reasoned thought, useful ideas, pertinent links, and above all, something for everybody to take away and enhance their work within the field known as “the environment”. Whether we are farmers, those working within the wider industry, agri-politicians or just ordinary politicians, consumers or consumer organisations, environmental groups, or whoever, the debate needs to result in only one winner – “the environment”.

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