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10.10.13 Let’s chat topical discussion archive

A slightly different discussion this week – the biggest topics of the week were put out to the community and the most topical ones debated! The stopping of production of the Land Rover, and the Defra team reshuffle were the ones featured heavily.

Although some views were in favour of other models as more practical and comfortable, overall sentiment was that the Land Rover will be missed, and current models will become even more classics.

On the Defra sacking of David Heath and Richard Benyon, participants felt that it was more important to ask why there is now no minister of state for agriculture, and whether the importance and role of the food chain is being downgraded.

The discussion held on Thursday 10th October 2013 was a general discussion about topical farming and rural issues. It generated a total of 265 tweets on the topic from 47 participants. These included farmers, agri-food businesses, rural advisors, land agents, lawyers, journalists, academics and NFU officeholders, as well as members of the general public.

Biggest news of the week: ‘Land Rover Defender production to end in 2015’, will you be buying one of the last ones?

  • The new concept one is awful!
  • I see they are talking about the next Freelander being a small Disco?
  • I’m gutted about the demise of the trusty Landy Defender but on the bright side I know have a classic!
  • Hopefully second hand for a first car. I think they’re awesome.
  • Yes, we have just bought one replacing a 16 year old 90
  • No sorry bloody uncomfortable things , only when the window is down to put your arm out makes it an experience
  • Always had land rovers in past ,now best puller ford ranger or hilux ,sad to say more reliable
  • I wouldn’t be surprised to hear LR decide they won’t build replacement Defender. If they do build one, price is key.
  • How long before India or China build a copy like they do with tractors?
  • The beauty of land rover is parts are easy to come by and relatively cheap. Indicator lens, £2
  • It will be sad see trusty defender end but there the most bloody uncomfortable 4×4 ever ford ranger all way

In the reshuffle this week, DEFRA was left without a minister of state for agriculture, does this matter?

  • Pleased to see some Cornish representation in the reshuffle but only time will tell. Heath didn’t really get a chance IMHO
  • How much does Government value farmers?
  • Oh so that’s what David Heath was doing. Sorry I missed it. Perhaps we should start a petition to bring back Jim
  • On a political note I think the agri-tech strategy is one great thing to have come recently. Next 10 years V exciting!
  • Who needs a minister of state when you got 2 Cornish boys in charge!
  • Having no minister of state for agriculture downgrades the food chain. Shows priorities are with industrial food processing
  • Perhaps the UK deserves a high status food minister? Or a nutrition minister sitting in cabinet?
  • Defra/FSA also misinterpret wishes of consumers. Blindly led by science and corporate interest
  • We need a high level minister, even Secretary of State for Farming to safeguard food
  • Yes, cabinet level Food Minister with a Rural Affairs Secretary to manage merged EA & NE. Reshuffle!
  • Defra say that George Eustice will be taking on the farming & animals brief, Dan Rogerson water, forests & climate.
  • Trying hard to remember the new names, but then I said that last time about DH & OP

Simon Haley, Reading Agricultural Consultants, and Alan Spedding, 12 October 2013

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