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YOUR TEN FOR STARTERS: Farming & Barriers to Entry

Here at #AgrichatUK we like a challenge.  So we’re going to ring the changes this week. Rather than have our usual 8 main questions on a topic suggested by one of our #AgrichatUK users, we’re joining forces with the Future

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Rural road safety

14.02.13 Issues on rural roads include driving too fast, drink driving, poor overtaking, potholes, horses, lost motorists, impatience, floods, shortage of police, young lads showing off, delivery drivers, tractor drivers not pulling over, buses and poorly maintained vehicles. Hidden dangers

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Farming review of 2012 summary

27.12.12 The review understandably centered on the impacts of the weather, which started with the drought in January but then developed into consistently wet weather which washed out shows, caused havoc to crop yields and raised feed bills. A key

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Do you remember the first rule of Fight Club?

The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club! Third rule of Fight Club… Well unlike Brad Pitt’s exclusive soirée, we

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AgriChatUK live timeline

Here’s what’s happening on #agrichatuk right now. You can join in by adding your tweet at the bottom. Tweets about “#agrichatuk”

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Twitter hashtag guide

Hashtags are a very useful tool to make Twitter much easier and less time consuming to use. – What is a hashtag? In a Twitter message if you see a phrase preceded with the # symbol, it’s called a hashtag.

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What is AgriChatUK?

AgriChatUK is a Twitter hashtag to discuss agricultural and farming topics, from animal welfare to social media. Come find us every Thursday between 8-10pm by searching for #agrichatuk in Twitter and join in the conversation by adding #agrichatuk to your tweets.

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