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Farming review of 2012 summary

27.12.12 The review understandably centered on the impacts of the weather, which started with the drought in January but then developed into consistently wet weather which washed out shows, caused havoc to crop yields and raised feed bills. A key

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How can agriculture attract the brightest minds?

20.12.12 How can agriculture attract the brightest minds discussion archive There is an underlying confusion about farming amongst children, with a gap between urban and countryside youngsters. Putting role models in place and giving children the opportunity to learn about farming through

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Wildlife & farming

13.12.12 What have the farmers ever done for wildlife discussion archive The breadth of wildlife reported as being seen on a daily basis by participants in this discussion was impressive. Barn owls, kingfishers, lapwings, red kites, woodpeckers plus many more

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Single Farm Payment – a lifeline for farmers or a waste of money?

06.12.12 Single Farm Payment discussion archive Participants from 8 countries joined in to tweet on the topic of Single Farm Payments. From the UK, the majority of respondents commented that there were noticeable improvements in communication and prompt payments from

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